Jul. 15th, 2011 12:19 pm
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I have a new roommate:


His name is Pirate, and in acquiring him, I have officially joined the elusive collection of folks (mostly gaijin, I suspect) within Japan who keep pets in non-pet apartments. But let's face it, if only people in pet-friendly apartments had pets, there would likely be something on the order of 500 pets in the country, and by my calculations, 95% of those would be snooty dachshunds.

Pirate is of another breed of pet entirely. He was rescued in Nagoya (a city a few hours north of Kyoto) by an English teacher who discovered him on the side of the road, covered in blood after being hit by a car. She scooped him up and took him to a vet, who had to do extensive surgery on his face that required several months to recover from, if I'm remembering the story right. Now, as you can see, he has a permanently pirate-like expression (ARRGGHH!!), plus an eye and an ear that don't work. ;(Hence his name.)
Unfortunately, she, too, lived in a no-pet apartment, and thus was forced to bring him down to Shiga Prefecture, where he was delivered into the hands of the Japan Cat Network, and then, eventually...me. :)

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It's weird that the Tohoku earthquake (and follow-up problems thereafter) has gotten me MORE on track. I've gotten in touch with people I haven't talked to in YEARS, and now...look! I'm even back on Dreamwidth posting my first entry since OCTOBER! ^^;

For anyone out there who's wondering: Japan is NOT about to break into little pieces and disintegrate into the Pacific. Nor is it likely to stop using nuclear energy--I'm pretty sure no country's government is quite that evolved just yet.

On the other hand...Japan *may* be about to fly into a panic about contaminated food, depending on whether you count the situation as "about to" or "already." Since the quake, Japanese people have flocked to the supermarkets to snatch up emergency supplies...which would be fine, except that this panic (taking place in parts of Japan that are really not in any danger) has caused shortages for those who actually NEED that supplies. *facepalm* The Japanese government is trying to get them to stop. I say, give it a week, and everyone will calm down.

In related news, PM Kan said that people should stop buying spinach and milk from Fukushima, due to rising radiation levels. Good to know. ...That is, it's good to know that both spinach and milk can be so immediately affected by radiation, 'cause I sure as hell had never thought about that before. Guess I'll have to pay more attention to where my groceries come from.

Kyoto, at approximately 600km from the epicenter of the earthquake, is pretty much in the clear unless the nuclear power plant melts down, kicks up another earthquake, and forces Fuji to erupt. People are already back to their daily routines, save the small addition of dropping a few thousand yen in the box of the corner collectors (who are like, on every corner) on the way to or from work...or both. One thing I gotta say for the Japanese: they really know how to take care of their own. I kinda feel like the only person in this country who's not worried about the survivors up there bouncing back from this thing. The Japanese are very, very good at being generous--most of all for domestic disasters. (The animals who've lost their homes in this are a different rant story entirely.)

And in case anyone's wondering, my coworker and I actually felt the earthquake from our office on the 7th floor...which is crazy. That's like being able to feel a San Francisco earthquake in LA. Crazy, crazy stuff.

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I biked down a road this afternoon that I had not explored yet this last year, despite the fact that it leads right away from my house. Upon that road, I found a series of shops, cafes, and restaurants that fully surprised me in both variety and appeal. After treating myself to some Thai food for lunch (yes. Thai food. RIGHT down the road from my place, and I had no idea. >_<), I went 2 shops down and had a piece of cheese cake in a branch store of the AMAZING Papa Jon's cheese cake shop. While there, I noticed that they had a contest going--the age old "Guess How Many Jelly Beans are in the Jar," no less. While waiting for my cake to arrive, I picked up the entry ticket and flipped over the back to discover this: 

English at the bottom reads: IN A NUTSHELL: *Closets guesses win. *Winners will be notified by email or telephone by 10/10/31 (all prizes awarded). *Personal information is safe. *I knew a Swedish girl who chewed a strawberry one thousand times. *Good luck!
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So I spent many, MANY hours today filling out an on-line application/resume/survey for a job...a job that does 10-year background checks on everything from criminal records (understandable) to employment history (duh) to place of residence (...um...ok). Seriously. Took me HOURS. Every time I thought I was done, I either realized that I'd forgotten a year or two of my life (that I then had to go back and input) OR a new section popped up for me to essentially cross-reference all my information. I'm more than happy to jump through all these hoops for the job, of course, but just looking at everything I've laid out for these people has got me thinking... I have been quite the busy bee for the last 10 years. O_O

Example: They had me lay out every place I'd stayed in for the last 10 years. I imagine, for most people who fill out this form, the result amounts to their parents' house where they grew up, maybe a dorm or two, and probably an apartment where they're currently living. Me? Ha, if only things were that easy. By the time I got down to the MOST RECENT dorm I'd lived in on a US campus (back in 2004), the program wouldn't give me any more "add entry" options. NOT counting all the times I've gone back home to live for a month or two between transfers to schools in exotic locations (that offered a more exotic treat for one's academic pallet) or jumps from city-to-city overseas, I count NINE different places I've lived (all considerably removed from each other) over the last 8 years. That's right. There was one year when I actually moved 3 times. @_@

Just thinking about it makes me tired. Is living in one place for years on end something that people actually *do*?


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